The poo-poo story

Last week, I was answering an interview for a podcast and they asked me the funniest story of my expat life. Two stories came into my mind; the move (already told here: and the poo-poo story. I think now is a good time to make you smile and tell you about our second funniest experienceContinue reading “The poo-poo story”

Journal of one month in lockdown

I never had a writer’s block. But I have to admit it’s harder to write these days… This situation is so heavy, I find it hard to laugh about anything or to step back and look what we are living, but let’s try it anyway. I thought it could be fun to share a piece of my life as a diplomatic spouse,Continue reading “Journal of one month in lockdown”

About the visitors

If there is one weird topic that only expats can understand, it’s the mixed feelings you get when you have visitors. Depending on where you expatriate, you will get more or less attraction of people to come and visit. We were doing pretty ok when we left. A vast majority of people hated the idea of traveling inContinue reading “About the visitors”

Tower of Babel

In my country, language is a touchy topic. We officially have 3: Dutch, French and German. But it’s not like in Luxembourg or Switzerland, we don’t have to learn them all. As a result, even if we are a super tiny country (30.000 sq meters, but diplomats will say “a country of modest size”), thereContinue reading “Tower of Babel”