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Welcome to New York

Hi folks,  I know it’s been forever…  Sorry I haven’t written, I’ve been busy-scared-lost-sad-overwhelmed-happy-sick.  I’m on a merry-go-round, but a very destabilizing one, like Alice’s teacups or so. Worst is, I chose to go on it. Probably masochistic, but I feel pleasure in this overwhelmed state. Someone in my cercle said it was an addiction,…

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Here we go again!

Already 4 years. 4 years ago, we were planning our move to Abu Dhabi.  Those 4 years went by in a BLINK. Maybe because we have two small kids. Maybe because there was a pandemic. Maybe because we did so much during that period. Ok, I haven’t posted here in a year almost 😅 life’s been hard…

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Covid-19 vaccine is the new Xanax!

Yes, we got our second shot of the Pfizer vaccine yesterday in Dubai! Covid-19 vaccine is available for all, for free, in the UAE. The type of vaccine will vary according to your Emirates of residence visa (Pfizer, AZ or Sinopharm). 50% of the UAE population are already vaccinated.  Let me explain to you how it went. For the first dose…

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Back to school

We thought this day would NEVER come. I mean yes, I knew she’d eventually go back to school before she turns 18, but I really didn’t think this would be in September of this year! When back in April they said they’ll close schools until January 2021, I had a meltdown so deep that I…

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Happy birthday Belgium!

Dear Belgium, Happy birthday! You are 190 today! To compare, the UAE is 48, I think you’re looking pretty good for an oldie. Let’s face it, Us, Belgian citizens aren’t used to celebrate you properly. We don’t plan a fancy reunion weekend for you. We don’t bake a black yellow and red cake. We don’t…

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Happy birthday Desperate Diplo Wife!

Tomorrow, June 30th  2020 is the first birthday of DDW. One year since I’ve created this character. I can’t believe how it evolved into what it is today! Like pretty much anything that I attempt, I was sure it would be a failure. My husband said to me: “Give it 6 months, and then you will…

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