Every end has a start.

Oh gosh, starting this is the worst… ok, let’s do this.

“Hello, my name is Cécile and I’m from Belgium”. I probably said this sentence more during the last 9 months than during the last 30 years. I’ve moved abroad with my family. I’m 35 (although I look 22) and I have 2 little kids (although they look twice as numbered sometimes…). My wonderful and exhausting husband is always full of projects. He recently changed his career path and became a Belgian Diplomat. And this is how I went from being a (bored) economist to a (happy) diplo wife. What is a diplo wife you asked? Good question, very, very good question. It’s a crazy adventure! So crazy that I thought it was worth sharing. And so was my intention 9 months ago when we moved to our first posting abroad: Abu Dhabi (for those who failed geography it’s in the United Arab Emirates… in the middle east… close to Dubai… ok?). But then … life happened. I got caught in the twister of meeting new people, organizing a new home away from home, learning this new job of mine and I put writing aside.

Nine months later, a lovely friend of mine (a very direct and honest Dutch spirit) told me it was time to move my ass and start writing for good. So here I am. Thank you, Sophie.

If sarcasm and second degree humour isn’t your thing, I recommend you get out of here. I don’t take life very seriously. I try not to. Xanax isn’t allowed here, so I stick to humour. I try to laugh as often as I can, and I hope we will share some laughs together!

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